The main goal of this blog is to help shift animal welfare science out of the ‘Ivory Towers’ of academia and into a space accessible to everyone! Moved by the amazing work of other science and education bloggers, I will make this space my own while contributing towards the dissemination of knowledge.

What’s in a name?

The name ‘Kat Welfare Matters’ is inspired by the New Zealand Animal Welfare Strategy ‘Animal Welfare Matters’ whose core values affirm that “It matters how animals are treated – it matters to the animals and it matters to us”. I am proud to be an animal welfare scientist based in New Zealand and I support the sentiment behind this statement. Animal welfare does matter, and more specifically cat (or Kat) welfare matters. It is important and under emphasised. The content of this blog will focus on feline ‘matters’ or issues, but will also delve into other animal science topics of interest to me. All opinions are my own and not necessarily the opinions of my colleagues or the institution(s) that I am associated with.

Posts are divided into categories:

Journal Book Club – inspired by books and journal articles I read

Kat Events – drawing from conferences, lectures, or seminars

Research – complete or incomplete

Wild Kat – any undefined ramblings

Warm Fuzzies – light hearted ‘cute’ posts


All content on this site is copyright Kat Littlewood and should not be reproduced without permission. However, please feel free to share links to the original content and blog posts.